INDIVIDUAL ARTIST ZINES curated by Taylor Doran


INDIVIDUAL ARTIST ZINES curated by Taylor Doran


#1 "Who is Cassandra?" by Taylor Doran - tells the mythical story of Cassandra, after whom our press is named, and contains our press' mission statement.

#2 "The Wailing Rose: Visions of Migrating Trauma" by Kandis Williams - transcript of a talk by Kandis on trauma and how it can migrate and travel.

#3 "Art Interrogation 1" by Alexandria Seekley - 4 pages of consecutive questions grilling the reader on their intuitions about art, as well as who is an artist and what guarantees them that status.

#4 "Godon't" by Jonathan Gingerich - a retelling of Waiting for Godot that's absurd in its own right

#5 "Against Gender, Against Society" by @wokebaby420 - communist memes

#6 "Some Rough Thoughts on Violence and the Visibility of Non-White Feminine Feelings" - a short exploration of the themes listed in the title - particularly about experiences of violence and hyper visibility in the author's own life

#7 "MU/TH/UR 6000" by Chiara No - A gender neutral retelling of a pivotal scene in Alien, the first time an alien busts out of someone's chest - but all the character's names are changed to be various pronouns, making it especially eerie and strange

#8 "LACHRYMOSE or Jewish Reconstruction" by Amir Guberstein - centers around the artist's research for the Jewish Historical Society on the project of Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc, after World War II and Salo Baron's publication of an 18 volume history of the Jewish people, and hate mail sent to the East End Temple in Manhattan in response to the activities of JCR Inc.

#9 "CBNBNC2016-17" by Steven Vainberg - a selection of about 20 pages of screenshots showing violence and war mongering images from liberal news media outlets

#10 "Putting Myself In It" by Grace Rosario Perkins - the artist is a painter, and it's a selection of new greyscale paintings

#11 "On the Dangerousness of Muse Worship" by Tamara Santibanez - messages received by the artist that border on stalking - people she's never met turning her into a God of some kind

#12 "Christians Do It Breader" by Jenna Thornhill Dewitt - research the author has been doing on small sects of Christians who want to celebrate Passover, but have decided to do it in the most appropriative way possible, saying that each element of the ceremony is actually about Christ and creating packs that they sell to other potential Christian Passover-celebrators

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